Saturday, 6 June 2009

Whoever said.................

That things happen in threes , is a liar!
My cooker was finally fixed yesterday. It nearly didnt get fixed though due to the crappy service centre that Beko use. It took them two weeks to get someone out to fix it. When I first rang up, they did the 'your a stupid woman and dont know what your talking about' act on me, trying to tell me that it was not wired into the terminals properly and that I should go and get it rewired, the arseholes. Well, even though we knew it wasn't that, it still kind of makes you doubt yourself so we brought new wiring and redone it. Still didnt work. So Him Indoors rung them and the operator said we still should of been given an appointment and so made us one for Yesterday and three times we specifically said they have to come after 12pm as nobody wouldnt be home in the morning. Guess what? The feckers turned up at 9.30am and left a message on the anserphone saying he had left a card (no card to be found!) and we needed to make a new appointment. Well, that was it, I blew my top at the operator who didnt believe that we had said to call after 12. So I knew the calls were all recorded and got her to phone me back after she had listened to the last phone call. Guess what? Yep she heard that we said after 12pm . So 45 minutes later, a bloke turned up to fix it. Opened the back of the cooker bypassed the thermal fuse with another bigger one and said it was a known design fault with the fuses and that they blew after reaching a certain temperature so many times! Oh, and the reason we didnt have his calling card through the door was because he had knocked at the wrong house previously! What a numbnuts! But at least I have an oven I can use now!
Oh and if that wasn't enough, the telephone buggered up too. Thats the second BT one to do so, so we went to Tesco's and bought a nice Philips one at a reasonable price. I now hope thats it as we have had a run of back luck the last two weeks what with the exhaust dropping of the car, then the cv boot thingymajig going three times (fixed by Citreon itself now lol), the cooker breaking down, the printerhead going on my lully kodak printer and now the phone. Thought it was supposed to go in three's? Thats more than three lmfao!

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