Monday, 8 June 2009

Bleach addict

I decided to do some 'spring' cleaning around the house today. I am having one of those days where I need to keep busy lol.

1. Done the whites washing.
2. Done the washing up that couldnt be put in the dishwasher.
3. Put the washing up away.
4. Emptied the dishwasher.
5. Put dirty things into the dishwasher
6. Clean and bleached all the kitchen surfaces down.
7. Hoovered the front room.
8. Completely cleaned the toilet out, including bleaching all surfaces, woodwork, the window, the bin, the weighing scales.
9. Hoovered the toilet floor.
10. Washed hallway down.
11. Cleaned the dogs eating area including the water bowl.
12. Washed the hall floor.
13. Washed the kitchen floor.
14. Cleaned the hoover down.
15. Washed the kitchen sink.
16. Hung out/up the washing.

I am a bit worried about # 14, that I cleaned and bleached down the hoover, makes me one sad puppy lol. I love the smell of bleach, crazy I know. It's cheap and does just as good a job as other cleaners, if not better lol. (OMG, what do I sound like lol).
I'm going now, I think the bleach is calling me to clean the bathroom now

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