Monday, 1 June 2009

Two good results

Had two good results today. Firstly, Beko are coming out to fix my 5 month old cooker on Friday. So by then I would have been without a fully working cooker for five days . Thank gawd for the microwave and George Foreman! I did ring Beko last week but the contractors were arseholes to me giving me the little woman act and telling me the cooker was not wired to the terminals correctly which was pants. Went out replaced the wiring and it's still not working. The person we spoke to today at Beko said that they should of sent someone out the first time we called .

Secondly my lully Kodak all in one printer packed up so we rang Kodak and they said it was the printer head and that it was a known fault with my printer batch and they were having to wait for people to ring them so they could send out replacement heads for free. They were so very polite. Can't wait to recieve it as I need to print out some charts for my stitching lol .

Had the gas bolier checked to day for its annual check up and it was all fine. Not worried if it needed things doing to it seeing its owned by the housing association muhaha .

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