Saturday, 10 March 2012

Nice Day

We had a lazy day in today and we all stayed in our PJ's. I did some stitching and in between we all made cakes.
This is Joshua with the cakes he made and decorated:


And this is Ashley with his cakes:


I made a triple chocolate cake:


Colin decided he was going to bake as well and dropped a pot of cocoa powder all over the floor, boy did it make a mess! Needless to say, he had to clear it up because I was not going to lol. Chef he aint ;-)

This evening we sat down with a slice of cake and watched Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz. I enjoyed it but I wouldn't of let the boys watch it if I had known there was a  topless titty scene in it. Mind you, being 14 the boys just looked away a bit embarrassed lol and did the silly giggle thing.