Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Good day

I went into town today with my ex husband and Louise. I got my daughters birthday presents as she will be 27 tomorrow. We then went for lunch at Intimo's and we met up with my daughter Becky. I had the salmon and prawns served on a bed of salad which was divine as always, and good for my diet lol. Louise insisted on paying for everyone which was very nice, and when I say insisted, I mean she insisted lol.
Becky and I then did some girlie shopping together and then went to The Rainbow briefly and had a glass of wine. We then went to my ex husbands (and Beckys dad)) and saw my grandaughter Destiny. She's just over one years old and growing very quickly! So, I had a lovely day.
When I got home, I discovered that Kodak had already sent out my new printer head. Kudos' to them and their swift response. We only rang them Monday, how's that for service!

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