Monday, 15 June 2009

Playing 'tourist' in Hastings :-)

Him Indoors, the twins and I, had a lovely day out yesterday. We went to the The Blue Reef aquarium which our friend was managing so we didnt have to pay to get in. Also Keiron gave us a guided tour as well. We had a drink in their cafe afterwards, and he then phoned through to The Smugglers Caves, and we didnt have to pay for that either. How cool was that of Keiron!


The Smugglers Caves are on the west hill on a cliff, so we took the clift lift up. It was built in Victorian times. The photo is a view from the lift going up. Up the top, you can just see the other lift.


Him Indoors and me taken on the West Hill by Josuha.

Ashley and Joshua on the West Hill.

The twins and I on the beach.

We really did have a lovely day. I didnt feel like cooking, so we rounded the day up at The Rainbow.

Him indoors ex wife is still recovering, so later on last night, we went down to hers and I cooked dinner for her seeing as she is still having trouble moving.

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