Sunday, 14 June 2009

Popcorn on fire lol

The last few days have been very hectic what with one thing or another. Friday I went to the fatty club to learn that I have put ON 1.5 lbs. I know where I was going wrong, portion sizes crept up, ate too much chocolate and didn't journal what I ate. Hopefully, I am back on track now.
Him Indoors ex wife Kim, has been in hospital for an operation on her back. She doesn't really have anyone to help or care for her so we have been back and forth from the hospital and feeding her cats for her. Yesterday we took her home and hopefully she will recover quickly from her operation.
Last night we sat and watched two films with the twins, Hellboy 2 and Ironman which we all enjoyed. I bought some of that microwave popcorn which we have never had before. The first pack I put in the micro caught fire hehehe . Well, it said two to three minutes on the packet, so I put it in for three lol. My gawd does burnt popcorn stink to high heaven. Yes I had had a few drinkies but I knew what I was doing lol

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