Monday, 29 June 2009

A trip to Kew

Friday night we went up to Him Indoors parents for the weekend who live in Dunstable. On the Saturday we went to Kew Botanical Gardens. The weather was absolutely fabulous, needless to say I got sunburnt but without beeing too sore. The huge glass houses were unbelievably hot, especially the palm house, in which I kept darting under the spray mists every time they turned it on, just to cool down. I really enjoyed it there as I had never been before.


Him Indoors took this of me by the huge lavender rows they have. I really like this picture but...............................


Not so much this one. Can you see the panic on my face? Thats because I am a few hundred feet in the air on a treetop walkway. I'm not frightened of heights as such but I didnt like this one as you could see everything below under your feet and the thing moved............I had to go around it though as it was one way traffic, boy did I move quick lol. Plus the lift was not working so we had to climb a lot of stairs. I damn near run down them though lol.

All in all we had a lovely weekend!

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1 comment:

  1. The photo of you by the lavendar is very nice! I am glad that you got away and had a nice weekend. I hope that this is the beginning of good things to come!
    Have a good week!