Monday, 18 January 2010

It come's in threes

Yes breakdowns and things needing replacing certainly come along in threes and right after Christmas as well. First of all the clutch went on our car, a Citreon Saxo, so looking between £200 to £300 for that. It is being repaired this week. Secondly, my couch finally gave up the ghost and the supporting wood in the seat bit broke when Him Indoors went to get off it it on Saturday. We knew it wouldn't last forever but I was hoping for a bit longer. So I ordered a new two and three seater set off my catalogue. Not too bad as it is interest free for two years. Besides I am secretly happy as it will be the very first suite that I ever ever had from brand new lol.
Thirdly is my tumble dryer. It hasn't exactly broke down but it is one with a hose on it and I have to have the back door open when I use it and in this weather it's way too cold for that.  If I don't have the door open, condensation builds up way too badly even with the kitchen fan on and I really don't want to entice dampness. So I got a condensor one coming off the catalogue too which was in a sale. Thank gawd for catalogues is what I say lol.

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