Monday, 21 September 2009

Weekend Round Up

Had a nice lazy day in yesterday. I sat reading whilst the twins played on their games console. I cooked a nice roast followed by rhubard crumble.

Him Indoors topped up both of our World of Warcraft accounts so I played that for a while in the evening after The X Factor had finished lol. Haven't played it in a few months.

We are worried about one of our dogs, Lupi. He has over the course of the last few weeks, gone rather thin. His appetite is normal and he is up to date with his worm/flea/tick stuff that he has. He is getting on a bit. Also his fur is fine and not gone funny so we have no idea as to why, other than maybe old age. Him Indoors says he is going to give him a few weeks and if he looks to be getting thinner, then he will take him to the vets. He sleeps most of the time too.

I also need to finish the unpacking. We still have all the ornaments etc to put somewhere. Would help if Him Indoors got the shelves up lol. Also need to sort all my cross stitching out as most of that is still boxed up!

The weather looks better today as we had rain yesterday. The sun is poking it's head out periodically!

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