Monday, 28 September 2009

A nice Sunday

Sunday was my ex husbands (Ivan) birthday so we all went to the Hollington Oak pub. The weather was glorious yet again so it was perfect for all the kids in the beer garden. We got there before him and put a nice chocolate birthday cake behind the bar and then surprised him with it after we had dinner there. We sang 'Happy Birthday' to him much to his embaressment and the delight of the pub regulars lol.


Ivan with his cake.

I bought a new digital camera as ours was naff. It was on offer in Tescos and I thought it was a bargain at £70 and its 12 mega pixels and has auto scene recognition as well. Cant wait to get out and about it and see how well it takes piccys.

Today has been a bit ugh, if you know what I mean. Skies overcast but no rain. I have found it very hard to get motivated, although I did do the obligatory bleaching of the kitchen lol and the grocery shopping at Tescos!


My oldest son Ben and his girlfriend Sarah taken at the pub.


My daughter Kim and her son (my oldest grandson) Rylee and me.


Kims other son and my youngest grandson, Connor, with chocolate from the cake going up his nose lol.

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