Sunday, 12 April 2009

Worth Watching

It's been a nice Easter Sunday. My younger daughter Kim came round with my two grandsons for a while and to pick up their Easter eggs. The twins have enough chocolate to last them ages! I also got two eggs even though I'm on a diet and I have ate one already hehehe.

We watched the 3rd instalment of Red Dwarf, Back to Earth, and I did enjoy it. Him Indoors and the twins enjoyed watching it too. We aslo watched the rerun of Saturdays Primeval tonight as it clashed with Dr Who. All good fun and escapism no matter how many people pan it.........each to their own after all. And why knock it because it does not smack of reality....................duh, it's a TV show not a documentary! It's for entertainment and it entertains my family and thats a good thing in my book. Lifes too short to moan about anything and everything, if your going to moan then make it about something worth while ie why so many children are living in thats something worth moaning about! (Even though it's a profound subject.)

I hope everyone is having a nice long extended weekend!

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