Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Call Me Spontaneous

I went into town today with the intention of getting some shopping in Icelands and just generally looking around. I went and saw my daughter Bexster and my son turned up with my grand daughter Destiny which was lovely as I hadn't seen her since Christmas. Afterwards, I  did my shopping and bought some hair dye in Boots, that new 10 minute jobby from L'Oreal. Then I was spontaneous....................I got my NOSE pierced hehehe. Don't ask me why. Him indoors gave me 20 quid to spend on myself and getting my nose pierced seemed like a good idea. Ok, most people walk past a tattoist, but I looked and got pierced. I like it. It's nice and dainty. After the six weeks of healing I would like to get a nice purple nose stud to go with the cherry brown hair lol.

Him indoors took the photo, excuse me looking a mess, no makeup lol.

I then went to my friends who helped me dye my hair. The colour does not show up well in the photo. It is very reddy brown.

Him and I went back into town when he got home from work and went to the Rainbow for dinner and then we played a round of Adventure Golf. It's like crazy golf. So, for me that was a lovely day as I'm usually holed up indoors. The weather was beautiful, so all in all a very nice productive way.

Him indoors think I got my nose pierced because of a mid life crisis hahaha.

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