Monday, 20 April 2009

Day Tripping to Greenwich.

I had a nice lazy weekend. Actually most of my days seem too leisurely lately, hence why I am having problems blogging as I don't have anything to say!

Mind you, tomorrow I have my medical assessment prior to my hospital admission which I am hoping won't be too far away now.

On a brighter note, I completely forgot that we are going to the Royal Obersevatory at Greenwich on Saturday and we also booked for the Planatarium. We went to Greenwich a couple of years back just weeks before the Cutty Sark became a pile of ashes. We didnt do the Planatarium then, but we had a splendid day and a lovely picnic in the park. I really do hope the weather is nice for it. We are going with our Astronomy club so the cost is very minimal. We only have to pay a tenner each for the coach and entry for the Planatarium. I am hoping we have time to also visit the Maritime Musuem again as well as I did enjoy looking round there.

Mother in Law to be (maybe one day! lol), has also suggested we go to Kew Gardens this year. I have never been and am looking forward to it. Also it will allow me to try and get some really good pictures as my photography has all but fizzled out  lately.


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