Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Walking lots

It's been a good day for me on a personal level. I decided to walk alone up to the library and return my books. I am slowly getting the confidence up to go out more on my own now. The fact that I had forgotten it was Wednesday and the library was closed is neither here nor there lol. Still, I carried on and bought a few things in the Chemist instead.

We took the dogs for a nice long walk after Him Indoors finished work and Lindita slipped out of her collar and lead the little moo so after we had dinner we went to Pets at Home and bought them new collars and leads plus some new balls to play with, a travelling water bottle set for them and some treats, oh and a bandana each. They look so cute in them! I will try and get a picture of them waring them. Lupi loves wearing his and I have trouble getting his off him lol.

On another positive note, we have decided to join a rambling club. It will enable me to get fitter and also enjoy one of my other hobbies of photography. Looking at the clubs website, the members seem to be older than us but we dont care, suits me just fine lol. I will need to get some decent walking boots and will probably get walking poles or whatever they are called, too, where my back is temperalmental and a bit dodgy now and again. I am looking foward to discovering things and trying to use maps and compasses..............mmmmmmmmmmm!

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  1. hmmmm good job I already know how to use maps and compasses, otherwise you'll take us East instead of West and North instead of South mind you properly be ok cause you'd have the upside down as well. pmsl