Saturday, 11 April 2009

Nice Day

Had a nice day today. We had our grandson Rylee and took him and the twins down to The Rainbow for dinner as it was Michaels birthday, who is the owner and my daughter Beckys partner. We took him a nice choccy birthday cake and cards and chocolates as well as Easter eggs for Sunday lol.

I bought Rylee a Ninky Nonk book in Waterstones. All I know is that Ninky Nonk is a character from a small kids TV programme lol. So we sat in The Rainbow taking turns at reading Rylee's book to him lol much to the amusement of other diners.

We took Rylee home and we all sat down and watched The Quantum of Solace. Not quite sure of Daniel Craig as Bond as I really like Connery and Brosnan as Bond but I'm sure I will get used to Craig. I did like the film though and now we want to see Casino Royale as well.

After, we watched the brand new Red Dwarf, Back to Earth. I was looking forward to it with trepidation as I'm a huge Dwarf fan. I thought the episode was lacking something but I will continue to watch on Saturday and Sunday.
Him Indoors, hadn't seen Ghost Rider with Nicholas Cage so we sat and watched that as well.........I like the film hehehe and Him Indoors enjoyed it as well.

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