Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Whenever I see houses being built, I long to be a kid again

Name something that makes you a kid again. Heres one of my memories and what triggers it lol

Seeing new houses on estates being built, reminds me of being a child again. Actually especially when I was around the age of 9/10, a huge housing estate was being constructed, and friends and I used to help the builders by being gofers for silly things and they used to let us ride on the huge trucks and even make tea in tin mugs for us. We used to run through the sewer pipes being layed underground and even climbing down the drains lol. Evening times we used to go and nick lots of nails for our dads thats used to be strewn all around the building site. Might sound ridiculous to people reading this but it was a very happy time. Off course couldnt be done in this day and age but things were so much different then back in the 70's. People tend to knock this era but I loved it, flares and music all lol!

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