Monday, 12 October 2009

Water Bill

It's been a quiet peaceful weekend here.

I rung Southern Water with regards to the very high water bill. The man on the phone said it should only be about £26 and not £76. Anyway he directed Him Indoors to the water meter as our row of houses meters, all sit together under the public footpath. He gave Him Indoors the meter number and told me to turn a tap on, which I did. Guess what? The meter that clicked, wasnt the meter that was ours! Turns out that it could be that the water authority may have incorrectly assigned the wrong meter number. So techinically someone else has got my bill and I have theirs. I have a feeling we may have the house thats on the end as thy have five children. The house next doors bill is £40 and they have three children. So, looks like whoever was getting the cheap bills all this time prior to us moving in, faces a huge bill. Its taken a weight off my mind as I have been worrying about it all weekend. In the meantime, he said to pay £26 a month so we didnt get a huge bill when the next one was due which is fair enough.

Him Indoors back is still bad and he goes back to work on Wednesday, if he is able to.

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