Monday, 4 May 2009

Quiet weekend and sick twins

It's been a quiet weekend which has been nice.

The twins have had a sickness bug for a week now. One gets it, gets over it and the other one gets it again. So at the moment, Ashley is with me and Joshua is with his dad. We are hoping it will break the sickness cycle. Joshua should be back tomorrow.

Instead of the usual roast, I got the slow cooker out and did a really nice chicken casserole complete with baby potatoes in it. It really was nice and tasty and made a nice change.

It was supposed to have rained today but it didnt so I am hoping it stays nice again tomorrow so I can take the doggies for a nice long walk. I've been a bit stir crazy the last couple of days lol.

Him Indoors did the garden on Saturday. It looked like a jungle lol. Before and after pictures can be seen here

Can't think of anything to say now, so I will say goodbye for now lol. Hope everyone else had a great weekend!

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