Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Greedy Ba****ds

OK, this might seem trivial to most of you but it is principal. I just went to my local Tescos to buy my bread. I buy the Weight Watchers one, for two reasons, my diet and my gallstones, as it contains less fat then standard breads. My beef is that it has gone up by 12 pence in a week, when other breads are coming down in price. How do the greedy bastards justify a 12p hike? The bread is manufactured by Warburtons so I contacted them via their website. They guarantee a reply within 5 working days. BTW, I was very polite and just happened to mention that I brought their rivals equivalent, Hovis Nimble as it was cheaper and still only half a weight watchers point per slice! (Compared to 1.5 points per normal sliced bread)
Like I said, it's principle :P

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