Saturday, 30 May 2009


Ok, so I've not blogged recently.............meh, what excuse to use lol? Been under awful stress from one thing or another.........from things going wrong on the car, to a 5 month old cooker breaking down, to trying to move house, bloody panic's enough to drive me bonkers lol. When stress gets to me (when its abundant) I have a habit of breaking from my normal routines and saying 'sod it', and sod it I did. But I feel better for it and firmly believe that you have to break from routines now and again, besides the fact that routines become so bleedin boring lol. (Yeah, yeah, I'm drunk blogging again, so shoot me lol).
Guess what? I got reaquainted with old friends today and it was feckin delightful...........we picked up where we left off. So me and Him Indoors will also be playing role playing games again...................oi, stop being pervs, not THEM kind of games but Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, silly! We used to be avid players, but we went to the dark side and started playing World of Warcraft online muhaha!
The weather was absolutely bootiful today, was it not? Blue skies and hot sun etc etc etc, meh lol
I cooked spagbol from scratch,cant stand the shit that comes in jars only lazy people buy lol. We had that then opened a really big bottle of wine and sat and watched Britains Got Talent whilst getting nicely aquainted with the bottle. So glad Diversity won.
Not done any cross stitching either, lost the will to do it but will probably pick it up at some point. Might pick it up and loook at it lol and chuck it back in the bag or put some stitches in, who can tell lol?
Still reading lots, have several books to blog on the other blog. Still plodding through War and Peace, although I have to say that I am enjoying it...............a bit of sophistication hehehe.
Guess I'd better leave it there for now, I had so much more to say but it all fecked off over my head lol.
Hope you are all having a lovely weekend and I will endeavour to catch up on all your blogs.........meh, well most of them or some of them lol..........tomorrow. xxxxxxxxxx

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