Sunday, 29 March 2009

Weekend Catch Up

Friday evening Him Indoors and I were getting ready to go out, when we got a power cut. Luckily, I had my war paint on and knew where to find the bottle of wine but touch alone........glad I am astute at times hehehe. The power was still out when the taxi arrived..........can't grumble as its very rare it happens.

We got a taxi into town and went to Intimo's. We ordered a bottle of wine, a nice Italian jobby. I had salmon fillet with creamy mash and lovely aldente seasonal veg which were cooked just right. Colin had a nice big juicy steak and chips with a salad. I had raspberry sorbet (Im on a diet) and Him Indoors had home made banofee pie with cream. My oldest son Ben met us in there and had a pint and then we all moved on to the Havelock, a good old fashioned pub that stays open till 3am, not one of those awful swanky places that only sell pissy lager, Sambuca and no real beer! It had a disco, playing mostly 80's stuff which suited me fine lol. Nothing like belting out Living on a Prayer one moment and Abba's Dancing Queen the next lol. By 10pm I was er, drunk as a fart merry lol. Him indoors was standing there minding his own business when this guy pulled him onto the dance floor and started dancing with him. I nearly pee'd my panties with laughter and he was mouthing 'help' at Ben and was just too funny and of course we DIDN'T rescue him lol. He managed to escape eventually lol. By 1.30am we both just had to get a taxi home. At 40 something, I'm just too old for that kinda thing anymore. I used to party hard in my younger days, but my joints were hurting from too much dancing.........and I wanted a cup of tea! ROFLMFAO! So needless to say, we had a good time and have decided to go out once a month for a meal and a drink or two and not out half the night. That, we will do occasionally lol.

Yesterday I was slighly the worse for wear, aching more than anything, so I had a nice relaxing day playing WoW and then watched Primeval in the evening before going back on WoW again lol.

Hope everyone else is having a nice weekend!

Purple SmilesGreat Big Hug

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