Friday, 30 January 2009

A trip down memory lane


Last night I had a weird dream and when I woke up it prompted some childhood memories that I had forgotten about. My parents and I lived with my dads mum. In the kitchen I remember we had a large old ceramic sink with a woodern draining board. Also in the kitchen we had an old copper boiler. It was a big metal thing, I guess an early washing machine. Essentially you filled it up with water, lit the gas through a hole in the bottom (nan always used rolled up newspaper to light it lol) and waited for the water to heat up. I guess in todays terms it was slightly bigger than a spin dryer but round and it was cream coloured. When the water was hot enough, nan used to wash the clothes in it with a wash board. Then when that part was done she used to fit a mangle on top and wring the clothes out. She did this right up until the lates seventies, then the council modernised the house. I had forgotten about it all these years.........funny what memories a dream can trigger!

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