Wednesday, 7 January 2009

No wonder I'm so cold!

According to the news on Yahoo, here in the south of England normally immune to the worst of the weather, was gripped by conditions colder than parts of Iceland and Greenland as temperatures fell close to minus 12C (10.4F) last night.
And I am really feeling it. It's too cold to get dressed so I am sitting here in two lots of night cloths, being a long nightie with pJ bottoms, dressing gown and a wolly scarf around my neck. I can't afford to run the heating for long so we put it on in the evenings when it's at it's coldest. I can't even stitch where my hands get too cold. The up side is snuggling under a duvet on the couch with a hot chocolate and reading hehehe.


  1. Happy reading! Kelly, can you imagine -38C? That's the temperature right now in the Yukon. The whole globe has been warming and we are going into ice age... when temps are rising to -12 I wear shorts and think that it is summer!

  2. OMG, no I can't imagine how cold that is other than really really cold!