Monday, 5 January 2009

Ebooks and the library service

I love my e-reader! I found out that in parts of the USA and other countries, ebooks are available via download from librarys and have a set time to read it like you would if you were to take out a traditional book. Soooooo feeling rather left out and a huge library reader, I wrote to my local library who passed on the email to a head honcho. This is what they said.

Hello Mrs Smith,

East Sussex is investigating the possibility of introducing e books. We are in partnership with 37 other authorities as part of the Central Buying Consortium and are due to see a presentation from one of the providers in the early part of this year.

An officer has been tasked to look at the technical aspects of providing a service.
As soon as there is any development there will be an update on the web pages.
Thank you very much for your interest, it seems that e books are about to become a practical option and offer more choice to readers.

Chris Desmond
Reader Development Manager
Library and Information Services
Brooks Road
East Sussex

I really do hope they offer e books the near future. I would be quite willing to pay a small fee for the service too seeing how you have to pay the same price as a paper book on Waterstones for them.............err you think they would of taken note of how the music business nearly messed up by charging the same price for a download as what a CD cost. They dropped the price in the end.

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