Monday, 18 April 2011

I have a confession......

I gave up smoking in 2004 but six months ago, I started back up on the dreaded weed. Roll ups as I can't stand packet fags and now I am having trouble giving it up. Every day I say 'I will give up tomorrow' but tomorrow never comes. I don't smoke in the house, I stand outside the back door whatever the weather. I am disapointed in myself. I was so proud of myself for giving up for so long. I am a fool to myself. I started back up as I was going through a lot of stress and illness but the smoking actually aggravates my stomach problems ( bile reflux due to the hospital ballsing up my gallbladder operation). I am not a heavy duty smoker and the first fag of the day always makes me so dizzy and feeling like shit, so why do I do it and find giving up so difficult to do?
Answers on a postcard please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Kelly, I quit in 1998 and have never smoked another "fag," as you say (goes back to when I was a kid). I followed a program my doc gave me with Zyban as the drug I took, and it had an 800 number I could call for support and to check in with progress. I quit for lung problems and was like you - so proud of myself. I had tried the gum, the patches, and a group called "Smoke Stoppers" that our employer paid for. Didn't work - any of it. The Zyban program was the only thing that did for me. My husband quit just over two years ago - cold turkey and hasn't looked back (cost related - refuses to spend that much on fags). There have been rough patches through the years that have tempted me, but my resolve has kept me from it. Don't know what to say to you. Everyone is different. Just that you know you did it once - you CAN do it again!