Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Firewalk and Drumming

We had a fabulous evening. My friend Jayne did a firewalk in aid of St Michaels Hospice. I am so proud of her and yes she did burn her feet. We couldn't get a shot of her actually walking on the embers as they had to walk across it so quick. There was around 40 people who did it. They do this particular event every two years and I have promised Jayne I will do it with her next time!

I am so very excited. Why you ask? Because Colin and I are joining a drumming club. Wait!!!!!!!!!!! Don't say BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This isnt any old drum club, have a looksey . The costumes are awesome, a complete free reign as long as it's black and red, and they play at all the major carnivals, medieval fairs, on piers, in the water lol, only requirement being you like pubs and a drink or two! Right up my alley lol. We begin in three mondays which is their practice nights, the next two mondays they are out and about drumming. They wear green on The Green Man festival. I can't wait to start going. It will do me good and get me out as I tend to live indoors and don't go out much. I can see members of my family and some friends taking the piss out of us, but I don't care cos I will be the one having fun and dressing up and raising money for charity. Oh and banging a lovely drum! Woohoo!

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  1. List of things for me not to do: 1. Walk on fire. You're a better person than I, Gunga Din, lol. The drumming looks fun though, congratulations on finding such an exciting way to support charities.