Tuesday, 30 March 2010

This and That

The weather has been dreadful here again, grey skies and lots of rain and wind. At this rate we shouldn't have a water shortage this summer lol.

I entered a free book giveaway on www.goodreads.com yesterday and got an email today to say that I was won of the lucky winners. All I have to do is read it and review it.  It's called Quantum Breach by Mark Powell. I am not familiar with him but it is always good to discover new authors. It's due to be published on June 30th. I never seem to win anything, but two book competitions in two days!...........I feel good yeah lol. I am an avid reader, and can't afford my habit. I usually get books from the library or freebie e-books for my reader.

I also got a letter to say that my rent had been DECREASED! Fabulous. First time I've ever had a decrease. Guess it is because my landlord whas a charitable status.....Moat Homes Ltd.

Hope everyone is having a good day
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