Monday, 4 February 2013

Garden Changes

+Colin Nash  and I decided we would like to start growing our own fruit and veg.  We have a relatively small garden.

View from the bottom of the garden looking up at the back of the house.

Bottom of the garden.

We have already made a start on an area which will be for green beans. We just need to build a frame for them. Also we will be growing Sweet Peas between the beans :-)

So far we have seeded Chives, Oregano, Tumbling Tomatoes, Sweet Pea's and Beetroot. Halfway through this month will be when a lot of sowing takes place. We are going to do most of the growing in containers and vertically. I have bought sacks for growing potatoes in.

We are saving to build a chicken coop at the bottom of the garden. It will be a raised coop so foxes and badgers are less likely to be able to reach them at night. We are hoping to have the coop done by this time next year.

We bought a good book to help us out and give us ideas.

It was not very expensive either and gives good practical tips and ideas, as well as lots of photos.

I am looking forward to growing and producing the fruit and veg. It will be satisfying!

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  1. Oh I love to garden but have to have help because the back is bad. Last year we has lots and lots of veggies I canned and froze.

    Love and Hugs
    Nancy Cricket Tucket La FrogII