Saturday, 11 July 2009

An evening out

Him Indoors and I have just got back from my sisters. She lives across the road from me. We ordered in a Chinese meal and had some wine, just a very small half a glass for me, as the dinner made my tummy a bit gippy. Nothing wrong with the meal, just too much richness so soon after the operation I think. My sister Sharron, made a lovely chocolate and strawberry french tart, made with 80% pure chocolate.........but the pain afterwards was well worth it, especially as she made it for us.
My sister and I have been estranged for years, but we are both making an effort to get to know each other and things seem to be going in the right direction. We have even agreed to go fishing with her and her partner Dave who is a very keen angler. Him Indoors wants to get back into it and I have never fished. I will give it a go as long as the fish don't get hurt and Sharron assures me that they use fish friendly kit whatever that is lol! She has a lovely boxer dog called Jayjay, who is gay, I kid you not. He only likes boy dogs and is the biggest softy ever lol.
Thats it for now. Hope everyone has a nice weekend!
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