Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Oh Bugger!

I went to the doctors this morning as I have been having some really massive pain attacks just under my right ribs.....actually it wasn't just any old pain. It was the kind of pain that painkillers don't work on and you break out into cold sweats and just have to bear it out type of pain. Anyhow the doctor says you gotta have an operation and I said why? He said you have cholecystitis and I said whats that when its at home then? He said irritation of the lining of the gallbladder. Oh I said, oky doky then, what causes that then and he said gallstones. Ahhhh I replied. So, there you have it. He said I'm the F factor. Whats that then I said lol, to which he replied over Forty and a bit Fat. He said weight loss can cause it when I reminded him that up until recently, I had attended the fat club hehehe. Anyway, it didn't stop me from saying 'bugger' when he told me. So, I have to now wait for the NHS to send me an appointment for an ultrascan to see how bad the stones are and have been advised to cut right down on meat in my diet for the time being. To that I said 'bugger' again lol. Having an op don't scare me missus, I've had plenty of them over the years..........it's coming out with MRSA that scares me lol. My friends mum came out with MRSA after a recent stay in a hospital.......eek! The upside to it all was he didn't say that I couldnt drink any alcohol any more so at least I can enjoy the odd bottle glass of wine still now and again.

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