Friday, 26 April 2013

Been Busy

I did not realise that such a long time has elapsed since I last blogged, shame on me lol.

We have been very busy in the garden, when weather has permitted. We have planted peas, rhubarb, runner beans, garlic, onions, comfrey, tomatoes, sunflowers, scented stocks, hollyhocks, strawberries, raspberry canes, honeysuckle, clematis, lobelia,  freesias and cucumbers since I last blogged. I think I have remembered everything lol. We also planted an alternative fruit called Inca Berries. You can eat as is or put them in salads. I have seed trays every where! Be nice if they all grow. Our potatoes are doing well. We planted 6 containers worth.

We drummed at a charity event which was in aid of the local hospice. It was a firewalk.

We also drummed last night and again tonight but I will update later on that. It is a special event.

The chickens are doing quite well. All three will eat out our hands now.

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