Monday, 11 March 2013

A Week's Roundup

Last Tuesday we went over to our friends Phil and Tracy's house as Phil asked Colin to cut a tree down seeing he couldn't because of his bad back.

Colin lopping branches off.

Phil removing the branches.

It made a nice change as it has been Phil helping Colin lately, building and making the chicken coop safe from predators.

Phil also keeps chickens.

Other than that, I have not gone outside the house at all. Not even to do shopping as Colin has done that. 
I am hoping that will change  as drum practice starts up again soon. It is due mainly to having lots of anxiety attacks that make me like a hermit :-(

On the cross stitching front, I had a finish, which does not happen very often these days lol.

Yesterday was Mothers Day here in the UK. I got four boxes of chocolates including two very large boxes of Thortons! :-) My daughter Becky also brought me a lovely sterling silver Chamilia bead for my Chamilia bracelet she brought me for my birthday last year from the Jewellers Ernest Jones.

 Colin cooked a lovely roast chicken dinner so I was completely spoiled for the day.

Today we woke up to this:

Just when I thought Spring was rapidly approaching, a snow blizzard and it is still snowing as I type this. Services have been disrupted all over the place here down in my neck of the woods.  


  1. Great pictures Babe, the snow is bad but the chickens are nice and cosy.... I'll dish em some warm oats tommorow morning..... however they are getting it with water not Milk..... lol

  2. Congrats on your finish, it's cute. What a lovely bead. Happy belated mother's day (UK)
    Stay warm!