Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Hot hot hot!

Been getting fed up lately when it comes to meal times as we seem to be eating the same old meals. So I bought some new cook books. This evening I cooked spicy lamb with chickpeas. The recipe called for 'harissa paste'. So I put two teaspoons in........never heard of the stuff, maybe I should of read the label a bit more careful, for although the lamb was lovely and tender, that paste blew our bloody heads off burnt our mouths. I could feel it going through my guts lol. Still, it was nice and next time, I will put a lot less of the paste in even though the recipe actually called for a tablespoon of it!
Mind you it was funny watching Colin's face whilst he was eating it.............he likes mild stuff not flaming hot lol.


  1. Oh my! I laughed so hard at the "Blew our bloody heads off" Hysterical! Sorry it was so hot, but live and learn :) I'm with you on the meal thing as well. I've been trying new stuff myself!!

  2. I got a very good laugh at your comentary of your meal. I love a good soup/stew!