Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Dead Hamster

I've had a nice day looking after my baby granddaughter Androulla while her mummy runs their restaurant. Shes two months old already, time flys by. Hopefully I will be seeing my other granddaughter tomorrow who is the same age.
The weather is definitely worsening.............Autumn is upon us. Actually, Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons...........I love the colours of the leaves as they fall from the trees, so pretty. It has been raining again and the temperature has dropped a little but it is still quite warm.
As a weird foot note:
My hamster snuffed it passed away the other day. I did love the little bugger, even though she was smelly and noisey.


  1. awh, *hugs* sorry to hear about the little guy.

    I also adore the colours of autumn.

  2. Sorry about your hamster.

    - Lisa N.