Monday, 30 November 2009

Debenhams are arseholes!

How can a huge major chain store get something so wrong? Let me elaborate. I went in to my local Debenhams last Thursday to buy a dress for a special occasion. Usually I would go to New Look and spend about £20 but they didn't have a cocktail style dress.
So, I went to Debenhams and found the perfect dress only they didnt have my size but said they could order it online and have it sent directly to my home. I really loved the dress so said that would be fine. They took the payment right there from my Visa card including delivery charges totalling £58.59. Thats a lot of money and I never spend that kind of  ammount on a dress, not tight, but not made of money either. So imagine my dismay on the following day to be told they had made a mistake and that they didnt have my size and would refund my Visa card imeadiately! Come today (Monday), no refund had gone into my bank so I phoned Debenhams and after waiting on the phone for 20 minutes, finally got through, only to be told the money hadn't been taken out of my account when I knew damn well that it had as I check my internet banking regularly. After several minutes of arguing the toss with her and me quoting my statutary rights at her, she told me 'to send my bank statement to them proving the money had gone out of my account'. I just bloody well lost it with her and slammed the phone down. I rang my bank and told them what happened and Lloyds clarified that the money had gone out of my bank and that they would imeadiately start a dispute claim for me and the nice man even told me that this is a frequent occurence when it comes to Debenhams. Ok, so I am going to have to wait a couple of weeks to get my money back but who the bloody hell do Debenhams think they are? Plus, mine is not an isolated case. Why does the little person in the street have to battle all the way for what is rightly for theirs? Needless to say Debenhams can go fuck themselves and jump off a cliff as far as I'm concerned. They won't be getting anymore of my money in a hurry unless it's paid by cash and then I would do my utmost to try and buy it somewhere else in the first place!
Rant over with lol.
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